Watkins-Nance Information

    I am somebody.
    I am capable and loveable.
    I am teachable, therefore I can learn.
    I can do anything when I try.
    I respect myself and others.
    I'll be the best I can be each day.
    I will not waste time because it is too valuable, and I am too precious and bright.
    I am somebody.  

    Watkins-Nance Mission Statement
    The mission of Watkins-Nance Elementary School is to provide a safe, clean, nurturing, academically-challenging environment that empowers students to become high achievers, life-long learners, responsible decision-makers, and productive citizens, who possess self-confidence to solve problems and respect cultural differences through a partnership among home, school, and community.

    Customer Service Mission

    We welcome you with open arms into a clean, safe, friendly environment that is inviting to students, parents, visitors, and the community.  We aim to please by treating everyone with respect, fairness, honesty, and love.
    We, the Watkins-Nance family, believe that every day, every child is a winner.

    District Information

    District Mission Statement
    We are Richland One, a leader in transforming lives through education, empowering all students to achieve their potential and dreams.

    District's Vision
    Richland School District One, in collaboration with an engaged 
    is committed to ensuring each learner achieves
    his/her potential in a safe, caring, academically challenging
    and diverse learning environment that will develop productive
    citizens for a changing world.

    District Strategic Objectives
    Students will reach their optimal literacy potential.

    Students will demonstrate the skills, attitude and character necessary to be successful, contributing citizens.

    Students will be life-long learners prepared to explore their interests and passions.

    District Beliefs
    We believe that...
    • everyone learns.
    • each person has immeasurable worth and needs to be valued.
    • every person is responsible for his/her choices and actions.
    • integrity governs our behavior.
    • people are interdependent.
    • change provides opportunity for growth.
    • excellence is attainable.

    Strategy #1
    We will ensure a variety of innovative, transformative, personalized learning experiences for each student from early childhood through graduation.
    Strategy #2
    We will foster an environment that embraces change and leads to a responsive culture of accountability, communication, and stakeholder engagement. 
    Strategy #3
    We will build/grow capacity for individual and system-wide productivity to accomplish our mission.

    Welcome Dr. Linda Norton

    Parent/Guardian School Uniform Survey 2016-2017

    Please take a few minutes to complete the School Uniform Survey using the link below.  We will use the data to determine if the students of Watkins-Nance Elementary School will wear school uniforms for the 2016-2017 school year.


    School Supply List 2016-2017

    Watkins-Nance School Supply List.pdf

    Character Education

    To be actively engaged in demonstrating pride & responsibility in self, school, community, & country.

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    Upcoming Events

    Dress Code

    Watkins-Nance students should:
    1. Look their best at all times.
    2. Have well-kept hair and bodies. Good hygiene is important!
    3. NOT wear such clothes as:
    a. c
    ut-off jeans or shorts (more than 2 inches above the knee).
    b. not wear tank tops, body shirts, or anything that shows stomach or too much of the upper body.
    c. flip flops, thongs, or backless or high-heeled shoes.
    d. overly tight or short clothes.
    e. any clothes that interfere with the educational process such as T-shirts, dresses, or trousers with inappropriate pictures or writing or that expose underwear or too much of the lower body,
    f. sagging pants with or without a belt.